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Legal Costs Accounting

Flynn & O'Donnell has significant experience in the area of legal costs and in the preparation both of Solicitor and Client and of Party and Party Bills of Legal Costs in respect of all legal matters. We have broad experience of representing clients before the Taxing Masters and various County Registrars throughout Ireland.

Legal Cost Services

We offer the following legal costs services to our clients:

  1. preparation, negotiation, settlement and/or taxation of Party and Party costs of any party to an action who has been awarded costs;
  2. preparation, negotiation, settlement and/or taxation of Solicitor and Client costs as well as Solicitor and Own Client costs arising under any circumstances;
  3. attendance at taxations countrywide; and
  4. opposition and negotiation of Bills of Legal Costs and other forms of claim brought by third parties against our clients.

Given our experience in the legal costs field, we are ideally placed to advise clients in relation to any and all legal costs queries.

We aim to provide a service that will give the best results for your practice, with Bills of Legal Costs for taxation drawn up in a timely and efficient manner that allows our clients secure all professional fees as quickly as possible.


In respect of all legal costs work, Flynn & O'Donnell charges a fee on a percentage basis of the professional fee recovered on any taxed Bill of Legal Costs, or any agreed or settled Bill of Legal Costs.

When opposing Bills of Legal Costs or other claims against our clients we charge a fee on a percentage basis of the total saving secured. These fees are agreed upon receipt of instructions and we are fully committed to a policy of openness and transparency in respect of all charges to our clients.

Turnaround Time

Flynn & O'Donnell is fully aware that delays in the initial stages of the taxation and negotiation process only lead to increasing costs for our clients. As such, we are fully committed to providing a prompt service to all of our clients.

It is our aim that all Bills of Costs in full taxation format will be prepared and sent to you as soon as possible on receipt of a complete case file. In instances where a file is particularly complex we may require additional time to prepare the Bill of Costs; however, you will always be advised of the likely turnaround time in advance.

Where required we can prepare detailed legal costs advices in respect of particularly complex and detailed matters within a significantly shorter timeframe for an agreed fee on a case by case basis.

Flynn & O'Donnell's dedication to prompt turnaround times for the preparation of Bills of Costs and legal costs advices is a key difference that sets us apart from our competitors and will be a further benefit to you in the recovery of your outstanding fees or the mitigation of your exposure to claimed fees.